What do we provide?

We provide rehabilitation, function restoration, and performance enhancement for athletes of all kinds.

Movement and Injury Evaluation

Each session starts with a thorough evaluation of why you came to see us. We want to know where you have been and what you've been through so we know how we can be of assistance. With the use of in-depth movement screens and assessments a plan will be made specifically for you to ensure you can get back to what you want to be doing.

Manual Therapy

We use a variety of manual therapies at Lightning Performance Solutions including the use of hands on massage, instrument assisted soft tissue massage, cupping, kinesiology tape, floss bands, and dry needling just to name a few. Each therapy technique will be chosen on how it best suites you to keep you moving pain free.

Corrective Exercise Programs

Our exercise programs are molded to each individual. We believe that movement is the best medicine for any dysfunction you may be having. Our passion is to empower you with the exercises and knowledge you need to reach your goals.